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Fishing Tips

This page is a collection of thoughts and tips from Monk. Monk will frequently add tips to this page so please check back often.

  • In our store you will find all equipment necessary to rig for trolling and spider rigging for crappie. All of the equipment and methods are practical and proven over the last thirty or so years on hundreds of different boats.
  • Trolling is defined as pulling or dragging jigs or live bait behind the boat.
  • Spider-Rigging is defined as multi-poles or rods fished straight down from the front, back and or side of the boat.
  • Different length rods or poles are necessary when trolling to prevent tangling. Since the rod holders are adjusted to achieve proper spread, the same length poles can be used when spider fishing.
  • To set up a boat to successfully fish 16 to 20 roads at once without tangling, all equipment must be adjusted and matched for the conditions. Poles and rods must be of proper length and rod holders need to be adjustable up, down and around for best settings. "T" bars with 2 to 4 rod holders each work well and allow for the necessary up, down and around adjustment. "T" bars are easily removed with other styles of fishing are desired.
  • Trolling motors with set speeds are too fast or too slow. Variable speed auto Pilot trolling motors are an absolute necessity. Heavy-duty deep cycle batteries with on board charging capability are best for trolling motors.
  • Open-face spinning reels with rear drag work best. The Rear Drag allows the fisherman to adjust drag without putting fingers on the spool face while a fish is taking line.
  • Lure size, weight and color is critical for conditions. All grubs and jigs offered in our store are tried and proven to catch fish.
  • Once your boat is properly set up and you have all the right equipment and baits, you have the ability to catch a lot of fish. Please pay close attention to the size and quantity laws of your state. Stay within the legal limits and keep only what you can use. My dad always said "Save some seed for next year!"
  • All of our products have our personal guarantee to perform!
  • Fax, call, or e-mail with questions or advice on any product or methods.
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