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B'n'M Pro Staff Trolling Rod

B'n'M Pro Staff Trolling Rod B'n'M Pro Staff Trolling Rod

To design this rod, B 'n' M enlisted 10 of the best professional fishermen to create the best graphite trolling rod available. The Pro Staff Trolling Rod is the result of this research.

This rod has a great blend of strength and tip action for even the most aggressive trolling enthusiasts. It was tested using two jigs (spaced at various depths), along with a 5-oz sinker attached to the line, at trolling speeds up to 2 mph. The rod is stiff enough to withstand this aggressive style, yet sensitive enough to detect the slightest of nibbles.

The reel seat is placed slightly upward on the 21 inch EVA handle to enable easy removal from any rod holder, yet still allows ample room for your hand.

The Pro Staff Trolling Rod is made of 100% graphite, in 2 and 3 piece configurations for easy storage.


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